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Okay Kaya Reveals New Album in January & Drops Lead Single


The music of Okay Kaya is nothing if not intriguing. Mixing multiple sounds and tones to create her own vibe, the artist has wowed us with each single she’s dropped in recent times. Now with a new album Watch This Liquid Pour Itself out in January, she’s shared a new single and video “Baby Little Tween” that should stun you in how it sounds.

The video for the track is as stirring as the music itself. With the artist in the mountains surrounded by snow, her vocals hit harder with almost no instrumentation. When the music really starts to get strong is when the vocals and beats meet and take you far away. The plunky notes and vocals draw your ears to the chorus’ pace that’s closer to future R&B than anything else. It definitely prepares you for whatever the full length will ultimately be.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube while Watch This Liquid Pour Itself is available for preorder before its January 24 release from Jagjaguwar. Okay Kaya is set to perform on November 20 in Brooklyn, NY at Public Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Coco Capitan.



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