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New Claude Fontaine Video is a Real Throwback Look


At the beginning of this year we were introduced to an artist like no other when we were clued in on Claude Fontaine. Mixing reggae, Tropicalia and Brasilia; her soft vocals and tender words mix with her island vibes better than anyone we’d heard to attempt the same prior. Her self-titled debut album is a wondrous ride through island sounds, and her new video for the track “Pretending He Was You” has the kind of throwback visuals that go perfectly with her music.

The video features Fontaine and her band with a dark backdrop and lights just where each performer sits. Sitting in little raised circles, it’s almost as if they’re performing on the Mike Douglas Show forty years ago. Keeping it simple, it’s a straight performance video that has a lasting effect on the viewer. The song has all of the marking of Fontaine’s sound, made heftier only by her soft vocals and earnest delivery.

The video can be viewed on YouTube or above. Claude Fontaine is available to stream on all platforms or to purchase physically from Innovative Leisure. Claude Fontaine is on tour beginning November 15 in San Diego, CA at The Casbah until November 17 in Malibu Canyon, CA at Mercado Segrado

Image Credits: Photo by Emily Knecht.

David Garrick

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