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Samantha Sidley Releases Beautiful Cover of a Ry Cooder Track


There’s few musicians that wouldn’t hail the career of guitar slinger and songsmith Ry Cooder. While Cooder may not be a household name to some, his work is more popular than you may know. With her full length Interior Person out already, Samantha Sidley has just released a cover of the Ry Cooder track “Drive Like I Never Been Hurt,” and you need to hear its beautiful tones.

What Sidley does here is not only take a beautiful song from Cooder’s catalog to cover, but she makes it her own. Talk singing at the opening before opening things up with her vocal abilities. Her tone adds a different heft to an already weighted track. While fans of her work will already know she’s an incredible singer, here they get a bit of a different sound and just more to enjoy from her intriguing brand of artistry.

The song can be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital outlets. Samantha Sidley doesn’t have any upcoming performances scheduled. Her full length album Interior Person is available in various formats directly from Release Me Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Claire Marie Vogel.



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