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Drug Couple Occupies Somewhere Between Alt Rock & Indie Pop on New Album


Music duos are always a bit intriguing because of the limitations of what two people can do musically together. Usually when you come across a music duo, you wonder why they aren’t at least a trio and why they didn’t see that coming. However with Brooklyn’s Drug Couple, there’s no reason to think that way. On their debut EP Little Hits they take what you think a duo can achieve and go further than you can imagine.

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In many ways the first thought you inhabit on the track “U Made a Sound” is that someone really likes Dinosaur Jr. However once you dig in and let the song play out you realize that there’s more here than searing guitar tone. Closer to a more Trashcan Sinatras sound, the duo mixes melodic and relaxed melodies in an easy going structure. While “Hissy Fit” is more subdued in terms of music, the vocals sparkle high above the music, making you focus on them.

The songs are definitely well planned here. There’s no easy answer in how each track will play out. Some songs steer closer to indie folk mixed with eighties college rock like “Sorry ‘Bout LA.” There’s a depth to the music these two create that’s well explored here, making them sound heftier than just the work of two people. Though this occurs throughout, it’s really all over the closer “Be in 2.” The shaker mixed with tremolo heavy guitar and drums makes the catchy nature last longer before you notice the bass just underneath the vocals. The better part of it is that you don’t know how to categorize it, you just know that it’s enjoyable.

The EP is available to purchase in all digital outlets including Bandcamp. It can also be streamed wherever you stream music. There are no live appearances set for Drug Couple, though that could change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Ed Rocha Goncalves.



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