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Spoon Unearths “Inside Out” & “The Underdog” Demos


With bands like Spoon, it’s easy to understand why they’ve released a Greatest Hits album. With Everything Hits at Once, the band covers a broad range of time without masking or glazing over when they weren’t as solid as they are today. Though with the thirteen track album out, there seems to be plenty of gems from the band’s catalog yet to be shown. That is until now. Releasing demo versions of “Inside Out” off of They Want My Soul and “The Underdog” from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, the band shows a bit of their process to their fan base.

On the demo for “Inside Out,” the track is very different from the album version. Piano based and shorter in run time, the demo feels more like a thought than somewhere close to ready. As far as demos go, especially hearing the original beforehand, Britt Daniel still marks moments. But here, the song feels closer to the drawing board than it does when it was released with full production. Though it could be notes, that this was the original intent without all of the extra tracks added.

Stripped of the heavily instrumented tones, the song still sounds similar yet different. With Daniels singing above an acoustic, the song still works but not like the produced version. With dual vocals and even backing ones, the song has the same weight but also feels more intimate.

Both songs can be purchased in all digital outlets via Matador Records. They can also be streamed on all streaming sites. Spoon is on tour beginning December 04 in Portland, OR at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom until December 07 at Intersect in Las Vegas, NV. The band’s complete tour plans can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Oliver Halfin.



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