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Arbor Labor Union Returns with New Song & New Album Announcement


Even though the gentlemen in Arbor Labor Union released new music last year, it’s been a minute since we thought we’d get a new album from them. Though now that’s not the case. With a new album slotted for release in February, the Atlanta based band is back with a new single “Flowerhead,” and animated video for the song and details of their upcoming album New Petal Instants.

The song has all the makings of something great. The disjointed twang, the way the guitars and drums mesh together to form a cohesive tone. The instantaneous drive and the Americana blended vocals give the song the feel of a hometown shindig that everyone is enjoying. The colorful stop-motion animation in the video displays the song perfectly, gearing you up for what the album will ultimately sound like. Departing in some ways from 2016’s I Hear You, there’s an organic feel to that track that makes it hard to dislike.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is available to stream on all platforms or to purchase in all outlets. New Petal Instants is available for preorder directly from Arrowhawk Records ahead of its February 07 release. Arbor Labor Union will be appearing at 529 in Atlanta, GA on November 29.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Riot Act.



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