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Army Navy is Back After Five Year Hiatus


The world of indie pop can be fickle, proving very quickly that bands can’t take copious amounts of time off. Though with that said, sometimes groups can go away for a while and come back stronger. That seems to be the case with LA duo Army Navy. Their new single “Seismic” is a gem of a bop that shows that sometimes time off can be a great thing.

The song opens with a jittery synth before the instruments explode into a foray of pop goodness. The lush sound gets met with soft vocals and a definitive pop stride. The pacing is up and very pop oriented without coming off as too sugary. The mix between the music and the vocals creates a blossoming tone that has weight without getting too heavy.

“Seismic” is available to stream on all platforms or to purchase in all digital outlets including Bandcamp. There are no tour dates for Army Navy as of yet, though that may change.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist/Clarion Call.



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