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New Maggie Rogers Single Kills


Maggie Rogers is in a place that most artists would want to be at. As an artist her star keeps shining brighter and brighter and her shows have been getting larger and larger. Now with a successful year almost in the bag, her new single “Love You For a Long Time” should make your day shine as bright as her career.

Mixing her vocals with an infectious pop beat, the song opens with plenty of bounce. When her vocals and the acoustic strum come in, Rogers wastes no time in pulling your ears closer. The song has an endearing quality that gives it weight while her vocals dance above the song in an angelic way. Closer to a bop than a tearjerker, the song has multiple elements that work closely together to hone in on a catchy and uplifting sound that’s hard to deny.

The single is available to purchased digitally in all digital outlets or to stream on all platforms. Maggie Rogers does not have any scheduled tour dates for now.

Image Credits: Photo by Olivia Bee.



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