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New Twain Album is the Light at the End of All Tunnels


There are few times we can hear music that stirs something inside of us, and agree that we all felt it. Usually inner feelings towards and album or a song come from something unique to us as individuals. However when you hear the new album Adventure from Twain, it will stir something inside of you.

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The gaze of the piano and vocals that come together on “Inner Beauty” feel closer to a love letter to one’s self from the opening track. There’s a darkness on the song that could be construed as ominous, but it’s just how personal the song comes off. However, that’s not how the album plays out. The second track “Working” mixes guitar with synths to pull you in like a beacon of light in the darkness. There’s such a calming nature to the up song, possibly because Twain found a way to be up without coming off too sugary. The vocals feel so deep and personal, almost like a call to all who’ve wondered what tomorrow will bring. In  many ways, the track is everything without giving too much away.

The entire release plays out like that of an artist tiptoeing into rooms where a different vibe resides, only to mesh with it in the moment. The almost lullaby notes of “In the High of The Morning” or the troubadour based stride of “Searching” both make this case. But while songs like “Lost Atlantic Dreams” and “Longing” sound like they were made in another time and place, our favorite song comes with “Royal Road.” Embarking on a journey that blends acoustic guitar with piano to cobble together a sound that has its own weight, the vocals are high in the mix and they just pierce through you. The a dancing sway to how the vocals come off, like a travelling snake oil salesman who turns out to have a heart of gold. There’s a lot to unpack here, but Adventure lives up to its name enough that you should allow it to take you some place else.

Adventure is available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase digitally in all online music retailers. It can also be purchased digitally from the Keeled Scales Bandcamp page. Twain will be on tour beginning January 12 in Los Angeles, CA at Bootleg Theater until January 19 in Chicago, IL at Schubas Tavern. The band’s complete tour routing can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Ground Control.

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