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clipping. Drops The Deep Single on Vinyl


clipping. has always been a group that’s done things differently from most acts. With their latest full length There Existed an Addiction to Blood, they proved real fast that they’ve soldiered on to a darker and more intense version of hip hop. Now with The Deep single, they’ve unleashed a new track alongside an old favorite with three instrumentals as well.

The dark undercurrent here mixes with the band’s penchant for integrating hip hop into found sounds and clips. The song, released a couple of years ago still stands out but isn’t as heavy as their more recent releases. There’s more of a traditional hip hop vibe here, though also far from what most would call regular hip hop.

With “Aquacode Databreaks (Featuring Shabazz Palaces),” the group takes their more grime infused graces and adds them to their dark hip hop sound. The moments with Shabazz Palaces have this future addition to the music, though it pops a bit more than what we heard on the band’s latest full length. The vinyl also includes three instrumentals. “The Deep,” “Aquacode Databreaks” and “Drownt” are all represented as instrumentals as well.

The vinyl is available directly from Sub Pop today. The tracks can also be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital outlets. clipping. does not have any tour dates at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Cristina Bercovitz.

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