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Health&Beauty Share Epic Video For Latest Single


Since releasing their new album Shame Engine/Blood Pleasure, Chicago’s Health&Beauty have made themselves well known. Now with their tour supporting the release wrapped up from it’s first leg, the band have released a twenty-one minute video for the song “Yr Wives,” and it’s an experience to behold.

Besides the long run time, the video has more that sets it apart. While the original song is under six minutes long, the video takes you into a hazy dreamland. There’s plenty of off beat sentiment here, though it also creates its own universe for the song to reside in. It’s a trip that feels like the ride is the biggest part while the song provides the soundtrack to it all.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. Shame Engine/Blood Pleasure is available to purchase directly from Wichita Recordings on multiple formats. It can also be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased digitally from wherever you download music.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexis Viscius.



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