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Satis Factory by Mattiel is Pure Magic


Though we hate to admit that we missed reviewing an album, it happens. Back in June when Atlanta’s Mattiel released her new album Satis Factory, we somehow didn’t get to reviewing it. What makes that comical is that we’ve had it on repeat pretty much since it dropped. Where many call her music garage pop, if you dig a little deeper you’ll find so much more. While it’s true that the album is embedded with sixties garage pop sounds, her delivery is like a mix of Marianne Faitful and PJ Harvey resulting in a classic ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude that shines on every track.

From the opener “Moment Of Death” that attitude rings out in her deadpan delivery. While the music here is a cluster of garage rock and twang fueled sixties pop, the way Mattiel delivers the lyrics is where the magic is. The gurgled Dan Electro tones on “Rescue You” get a shot in the arm with the swag induced vocals. The way she sings like she doesn’t care on “Millionaire” makes the backing vocals and the single coil pickups from the guitar have a heft that wouldn’t be there if someone else was singing.

But with the deadpan straight guitar driven songs, there’s also plenty of catchy pop tunes on this album. The song “Je Ne Me Connais Pas” is about as sweetly drenched as this kid of music gets. The almost Nancy Sinatra toned opening would be enough to pull you in, but the vocals have a posture that sets the song apart from any comparisons. This is true on “Food For Thought” as well with its R&B doo wop pacing and on the bright and sunny arrangements of “Keep The Change.” Mattiel seems to know her strengths as a singer and songwriter throughout the album. There are so many elements of the past like snaps and claps that work better here than on most who try to employ the same methods.

But while all of these songs sparkle in their own way, when Mattiel picks up the pace on “Berlin Weekend,” you quickly sit back and enjoy the ride. The organ lead track has a snappy stride that’s difficult to not focus on while twangy gain heavy guitar gives graces of country influence. The entire album is filled with tracks anyone could highlight, but we think you’re best to just sit back and enjoy all that Satis Factory is.

Satis Factory is available on multiple formats directly from ATO Records. It’s also available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase from all digital outlets. Mattiel will be on tour beginning January 23 in Houston, TX at White Oak Music Hall until February 22 in Atlanta, GA at The Earl. Her complete tour routing can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jason Travis.

David Garrick

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