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New Single From Bill Fay is Touching and Soulful


The biography of British artist Bill Fay reads like something from a best selling novel. Essentially a reclusive artist, Fay released albums in the seventies, stopped and basically didn’t resurface until an engineer who was a fan tracked him down. The two albums that followed, Life Is People and Who Is The Sender? were both landmark releases and critically acclaimed. Now with a new album Countless Branches coming in January, Fay has released another soulful song with “Love Will Remain,” that should make you his next biggest fan.

There’s a sorcery in how Fay intertwines the piano with his well-traveled voice. Like a troubadour on a journey who’s seen it all, Fay delivers tearful words that should stir you as the song forces you to look inward. The arrangements of brass and and organ that dance in are like a subtle memory that makes you smile. There’s a captivating tone here, as Fay sings words that feel more like a cautionary tale than anything else.

“Love Will Remain” is available to stream wherever you stream music. Countless Branches is available to preorder on multiple formats directly from Dead Oceans before its January 17 release. Bill Fay does not have any announced performance dates, though that may change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Matthew Parri Thomas.



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