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Shopping Announces New Album & Drops Lead Single


Sometimes when artists in a band live in different places, the music they make together can either sound strained or magical. Though the members of Shopping don’t live anywhere near one another, when they got back together in London to work on their newly announced album All Or Nothing, there was magic in the air. On the lead single “Initiative” the band’s post-punk sound comes through with plenty of heft and snap to take them to a higher plane.

Opening with plenty of immediacy, the stride of the song is snappy and upbeat. The way the bass mixes with the dual vocals and the drum work creates an inviting atmosphere. Keeping in line with the sound the band has utilized in the past coupled with synths that add depth, the song shows a lot of growth. The video shows the band between performing the song and working in an office in the most comical way possible.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. All Or Nothing is available for preorder directly from Fat Cat Records before its February 07 release. Shopping is on tour beginning February 07 at Rough Trade East in London, UK until May 23 at Hafen 2 in Offenbach, DE. Their complete tour schedule is located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Matt Draper.



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