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Latest EP by iris is Minimalist Pop You Can’t Deny


In many ways, the term singer songwriter is a relative term, often used as a signifier without a way to back it up. Throughout the globe, multiple artists who get tagged within the subgenre don’t fit the mold of the terminology, but that’s where they fit best in terms of modern music. For Norway’s iris however, singer songwriter is a good descriptor that’s just the beginning in how you may describe her art. With her new EP femme florale, she takes a minimalist approach to electronica and indie pop and turns it on its ear in the process.

The opener “cotton candy” is pure pop bookmarked between heavy synths and a beat that’s difficult to forget. With wispy vocals and a hook that sticks, iris has no trouble pulling you in with her captivating mixture of melody and pop structuring. While “hidden springs” has a nature filled tone that guides its organic touches, it places her in the singer songwriter mold better with the song’s mix of acoustic guitar and piano. The soft nuance in the song is well done, while it pulls your attention to her grasp of natural ambiance. The closer “creature” offers up another minimalist bop. With a slower build at the opening, the track opens like a blooming flower. The addition of melodious keys and iris’ own vocal consonance, delivers a track that appears easy going at first, yet is undercut with dark themes that make it hit harder in its resonance.

femme florale is available to stream on all services or to purchase digitally from all outlets. iris is on tour beginning December 12 at Terminalen Byscene in Alesund, Norway until December 20 at Oseana Kunst & Kultursenter in Os, Norway. Her complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Ida Fiskaa.



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