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New Osees “Infinite Columns” Video is a Trip


The universe around The Oh Sees and John Dwyer seems infinitely expansive. After releasing one of our favorite records of 2019, Dwyer has returned with a new project under the moniker Ohsees. Their release The 12″ Synth is already sold out on vinyl, and the project is definitely an ambient trip you’ll want to take. Now they’ve released a video for the A-side track “Infinite Columns” and it’s as trippy as the forty minute two song release itself.

The project between Dwyer and Mr. Elevator or Thomas Dolas, was recorded as a jam session at Sonic Ranch back in April. The a-side represented in the video above, is the result of the two surrounding themselves with synths and keyboard for a forty minute session during overdubs for Face Stabber. The video was created by Dr, D Foothead who is known for his trippy videos by The Oh Sees. It’s an ambient space dream that will take anyone who sees or hears it into a new place.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The limited edition purple vinyl from Castleface Records is sold out. Hopefully it will get repressed soon. Dwyer’s regular project Oh Sees is set to appear at Melted Music Fest in Columbus, OH March 13 and 14.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends.



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