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We’re All About Bristol’s Heavy Lungs


It seems that the scene in Bristol is where a ton of epic bands call home. Aside from more legendary acts like Portishead and Massive Attack, newer acts like Idles and Heavy Lungs call the U.K. area home. But much like how Idles have come more eviscerate than the bands that came before them, Heavy Lungs are on a whole other level. Their brand of noise punk is an intense melding of noise and in your face darkness. On their latest E.P. Measure, the four piece makes sure you won’t soon forget them.

The five songs within take intense tension based punk into a place that’s dark and blistering. Opening with the track “Half Full,” the band utilizes an electronic dissonance mixed with guitars to craft a sound that you might not hear from most punk bands. Of course, this is before they begin tearing down the walls with their vigor. The build mixed with their emotive intent makes the song hit like a punch to the face once it picks up speed. Reminding you with nods to the past, the squeals, the way the drums sound like they’re about to explode and the vocals all blend to create their own universe.

While “Self Worth”is more in your face and “Pacemaker” both have this snappy energy with one cultivating in the moment and the latter in the build up; the real magic of the band comes in how they blend tones. On “T.O.T.B.” they open with a twangy lick before treading down a hallway of despair and anguish. The start stop pace is immense and powerful while still bleeding. On “(A Bit of a) Birthday,” the band lays it all on the line. The way the drums start the track off, the thunder toned guitars cutting through things like a buzz saw, it’s magic. The bass ruminates along while the vocals have a forceful presence, but it’s the guitar work here that shows that these guys are doing their own thing. All five songs are worth getting into your head, as we think Heavy Lungs will be the next big band to come from Bristol.

Measure is ready to purchase physically directly from Bailey Records. It’s also ready to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase in all digital outlets. Heavy Lungs is on tour starting January 07 at The Old Blue Last in London, U.K. until April 25 at Are You Listening Festival in Reading, U.K. Their complete tour schedule can be located here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Bailey Records.



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