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Dirty Projectors Reach Out on New Live in Studio Album


The Dirty Projectors have always been on their own level. The melodious tones of their three part harmonies, the notes that bend on guitar and their overwhelmingly different song structuring place them in a place that’s their own. On their new release Sing The Melody, the band comes to your ears live from Power Station studios with a set of songs you may know but you’ve never heard them this way before.

The recording done live, contains eight tracks where the process in how the band makes a record has a bit revealed. Sounding more grand than you may be used to, there’s a sway and flow to how the songs play out. Opening with “Right Now” from last year’s Lamp Lit Prose, the band focuses more on vocals as the lead than on the original version. In fact, that’s how the whole release plays. “Break-Thru” and “That’s A Lifestyle” both have a different energy to them that comes across more in the moment than they do in their original incarnations. Both “Cool Your Heart” and “Little Bubble” from the band’s 2017 self-titled album have an almost new direction without steering too far off in the process. The Document Series recording shows that the world of Dirty Projectors is more vast than many may have thought.

The albums is available physically directly from Domino Recording Co. It can also be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased from all digital music stores. The Dirty Projectors do not have any scheduled tour dates at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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