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Gab De La Vega Drops New Single & Video


There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of Italy’s Gab De La Vega, but his sound is more universal than you may think. Almost like a modern and upbeat singer songwriter, his mix of indie melody and heartfelt words create a sound that you can’t deny. With a new album Beyond Space and Time due in January, his new single “Perfect Texture” should make you want to hear more from him.

The folk tinged touches of the song are met with De La Vega’s vocals to hone in on a sound that’s infectious. His delivery is straightforward while he draws you closer. The video features the “Back To The Future” DeLorean, complete with the Hover Board and the Flux Capacitor. Though no time travel takes place, he does keep his feet planted in the now while performing the song.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital outlets. Beyond Space And Time is available for preorder directly from Back Bite Records ahead of its January 24 release. There are no listed tour dates for Gab De La Vega at this time, though that should soon change.

Image Credits: Photo by Bradley James Allen.



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