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You Have to Hear South Korea’s Say Sue Me


There was a time when hearing great music from far away places was nearly impossible. Sure, the right record store employee could have steered you in the right direction, but even those people were difficult to find. Thanks to the internet, so much of that has changed. With South Korea’s Say Sue Me, you not only get straight ahead indie rock, but dammit if they aren’t wonderful at the same time. On their latest two song release Your Book/Good People they keep our interests peaked while delivering on both songs.


While the music has an endearing quality, that’s not the draw here. The shoegaze graced guitar tones here mixed with direct vocals and surrounding keys is where the magic lies. The song “Your Book” has this catchy gaze that’s not sugary. The band’s approach is similar to acts like Yo la Tengo and Alvvays, but the sound you hear is all their own. On “Good People” the band pulls a bit from the Superchunk school of thought, but again what you hear is all original. The pacing of the track that gets cut with searing guitars places them on a higher plane while they hold your ears with each pedal soaked note.

Your Book/Good People is available for physical purchase directly from Damnably Records. It can also be streamed wherever you stream music or purchased digitally wherever you download it. Say Sue Me doesn’t have any scheduled tour dates at this time, though that may change in the new year.

Image Credits: Photo by Ali Safavi.

David Garrick

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