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The Wiggins Return with New Single


No matter where you go, there’s always an act that makes the kind of music that tickles a bone or two, no matter when you hear it. Down in Texas there’s plenty of artists that follow their own path. Though everyone has this notion that Austin is littered with artists that make their own brand of music, Houston is home to The Wiggins who’ve followed their own path since their start. There’s this blues meets garage meets I don’t give a fuck about your idea of melody sound that The Wiggins have always had. So when you hear their latest single “Back & 4th,” you should be ready for all of the lo-fi tones that it brings.


The track is a bit slower than a lot of what they’ve put out in the past. The way the guitar mixes with the vocals, there’s hints of early garage in the overall tone. Mixing notes that fall between lo-fi pop and gritty licks, the song really opens up when the chorus comes in. Stripping away in the mix, the falsetto vocals hit as hard as the more rock oriented touches of the song.

“Back & 4th” is available to purchase digitally or to stream on Bandcamp. The entire self-released catalog for The Wiggins is also available on Bandcamp. To learn more about the world of The Wiggins and the art of John Read, follow them on Facebook. The Wiggins will appear January 10 at Notsuoh in Houston, TX.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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