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Kirin J. Callinan Shares New Video for “The Homosexual” Cover


In the world of firsts, there’s always an artist who does things right. We’re told that Kirin J. Callinan released the first new music video of 2020, and that alone is noteworthy. Callinan has had a pretty great year in celebration of his latest release Return To Center, the covers album is rife with songs the artist has placed his stamp on. Now with the video for the Momus track “The Homosexual,” Callinan makes sure you won’t forget his work.

The video definitely has a humorous side to it. With Callinan shirtless and smoking, the video has him flanked by women at every turn. Playing guitar in the streets, taking a soak in the tub or prancing about in an intriguing outfit, there’s a tongue in cheek playfulness to it all. The Parisian tone of the track mixed with the imagery of the video makes for something you won’t soon forget, while the cover song is all his own making you forget the original.

You can watch the video above or on YouTube. Return To Center is available for physical purchase directly from Terrible Records. It’s also available to stream on all platforms or to purchase from all digital music stores. There are no announced tour dates for Kirin J. Callinan at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Yana Yatsuk.



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