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New Album by Eddy Current Suppression Ring is Long Overdue


Music has this clock, where it was at a time that bands were crazy to go more than three years between albums. In today’s music world, that time frame called the album cycle isn’t realistic. While some bands feel the need to drop more than one full length in one calendar year, in garage rock and psych there are some who go beyond that. So after nine years, it’s intriguing that Australia’s Eddy Current Suppression Ring have decided to come back. Their new album All in Good Time is a refreshing return, while reminding us why we were fans in the first place.


The title track “All in Good Time” says it all really. The offbeat structure amidst the chaos. The way the guitars never deter from the drive, the disaffected vocals and the snappy drums all become a titular tone. Eddy Current Suppression Ring are making music for themselves and no one else, and it’s glorious. Where “Medieval Wall” would be a hit if bands like this were on the radio, or how the catchy structuring of “Our Quiet Whisper” could have the same fate, the album is rife with its own style. There’s very little compromise between sneer and garage rock where the band proves why they were so adored.

“Reocurring Dream” has a very distant sound, yet it’s still very admirable. “Like a Comet” has the very surf rock meets Link Wray vibe, yet it still sticks in your head even with its punk touches. The album has these little moments of fevered passion sparkled with intense spirals of sound. Though while we like all of the tracks here, our favorite came on “Future Self.” The happy-go-lucky stride mixed with Aussie attitude takes what falls throughout the album and places it on one track. There’s just such a feeling of “fuck off” on the song that we find exhilarating, so much so that we kept the song on repeat well after the first play. Nine years is too long between albums. Of course if you come back this strong, then time doesn’t really matter.

All in Good Time is available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase in all digital music stores. It can also be purchased physically directly from Castleface Records. Eddy Current Suppression Ring doesn’t have any tour dates scheduled, though that could change.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Castleface.



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