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New Moses Sumney Track is Stirring & Beautiful


When you have as powerful of a voice as Moses Sumney does, anything you release should be earmarked with phrases of praise. Sumney is ready to release a double album titled græ this year in two parts, the first of which will be released digitally in February. With his latest single “Me in 20 Years” produced by Oneohtrix Point Never, that double release should be staggering in its overall tone.

The vocals are literally graceful and emotionally heavy. Sumney has no problem pulling you in with his falsetto voice, while the instrumentation of the song keeps the pace going. The piano mixed with dark electronic touches just lifts the singer’s voie to new heights, making it the centerpiece of the track. The video of a car traveling down a dark road before coming upon Sumney in the road is just as intriguing as the song is itself.

The video for “Me in 20 Years” can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed in all streaming sites or purchased from all digital outlets. græ will be released in two parts, part one coming February and part two coming with the physical release on May 15. The album can be preordered directly from Jagjaguwar. Moses Sumney does not have any announced tour dates as of yet, but that should soon change.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexander Black.



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