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Second Solo Single by Michael Stipe is Perfectly Balanced


In the years since R.E.M. has been disbanded, the thought of Michael Stipe launching a full fledged solo career has been in most music writers heads. Stipe, and imminent figure in rock music throughout the eighties and nineties, still has the weight of his vocals to bring all the magic he gave to his former band. Now with his second solo single “Drive to the Ocean,” it feels like we may see that solo career and even maybe a full length release emerge.

The song has a start touch to it, showcasing the eclectic nature of Stipe’s current work. A dark piano, backing falsetto vocals and a simple beat all embody the sounds here. With a choral vocal in the mix alongside a guitar riff, Stipe tenderly sings of a current state in time that feels timeless. The video, also directed by Stipe offers a glimpse into a world where people are living within a yellow haze as they look at the oceans waters in the distance.

“Drive to the Ocean” is available to purchase directly from Michael Stipe, with all proceeds from the first year of sales benefiting Pathway To Paris. Though Stipe has no tour dates at this time, Pathway To Paris offers a way to turn the Paris Climate Agreement into a reality. 

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Stipe.

David Garrick

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