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Forever Offers Up New Song & Reveals Upcoming E.P.


In recent years we’ve witnessed the explosion of Canadian artists breaking into the American music landscape. While we pride ourselves in finding these acts as soon as we can, we think it’s a safe bet to say that Canada’s Forever could be a big deal in the states. The poet and provocateur June Moon has just the right sparkle to break through the noise here that surrounds pop music. With a new E.P. titled Close To The Flame due in February, her lead single “Make It Happen” should stick with you well after you hear it.

The track has a myriad of pop tones that begins with a more hip hop opening. The beginning rhymes from Just John give the song more of a modern feel before synths and a beat lead way to Forever’s vocals. The sound is ultra-catchy while the singer’s voice has a very sweet and uplifting tone. It’s essentially straight pop intertwined with electro-pop undertones that stand out. The video has a very POV kind of feel, like it’s being live streamed as you watch it.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is available to stream on all platforms. Close To The Flame is available for preorder directly from Cascine. Forever does not have any announced tour dates, though that should change.

Image Credits: Photo by Cameron Mitchell.



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