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TURNSTILE & MALL GRAB Drop Collaborative E.P.


By all accounts, TURNSTILE grew their numbers when they signed to Roadrunner Records. With Time & Space, the band leaped forward without skipping a beat and became bigger and reached more people. Now with the album out of its cycle, the band teamed up with Australian producer MALL GRAB to re-imagine three songs off the release. The end result is Share A View, and we think you won’t expect what you ultimately hear.

What comes fourth from the collaboration is essentially a dance release. “Generator” gets reconfigured as “Yes I Need My Generator,” a more hip hop meets trip hop sound. It’s far and away from the original, and a distant take on the version from the full length. On “The Real Thing,” the song has a very Nine Inch Nails opening before haeding into a darkwave territory. While the notes are the same, they’re so reworked that if the vocals weren’t there you wouldn’t recognize the track. The thrid song “I Wanna Be Blind” is redone as “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind” and it too is nothing like the original. Only time will tell if these versions are as accepted as those on the full length.

The E.P.is available to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase from all digital music outlets. There are no tour dates right now for TURNSTILE.

Image Credits: Photo by Atiba Jefferson.

David Garrick

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