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New Song by Algiers Mixes Soulful Tones & Melodic Notes


Bands that tread their own path aren’t as rare as they used to be, but in today’s “gotta’ get on a playlist” music world, we don’t get exposed to them as much as we’d like. For a good while we’ve been into the different yet engaging sounds of Algiers. Though the band has always held our ears, their new single “We Can’t Be Found” off their upcoming album There Is No Year is their most interesting drop to date.

The graces of soul that touch the song give way to the instrumental noises that lurk underneath. The band has always had the ability to utilize indie rock and soul together to craft their own intent. However here, the vocals drip between the notes like honey. The sway of the vocals and the instrumentation here is beautifully crafted with heartfelt strife that just draws you closer and closer to what you’re hearing. The video has the band performing in a space that highlights the light and the darkness that’s just as intriguing as the track itself.

The video for “We Can’t Be Found” can be seen above or on YouTube. There Is No Year is available for preorder directly from Matador Records on multiple formats ahead of its January 17 release. Algiers is on tour beginning February 03 at The Haunt in Brighton, UK until May 04 at Borgen F in Zurich, Switzerland. The band’s complete tour schedule is located here

Image Credits: Photo by Christian Högstedt.



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