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New Anna Burch Single is Wondrous & Uplifting From New Album


Since we first heard the debut of Michigan’s Anna Burch, we were locked in as fans of her engaging sound. Though 2018 wasn’t so long ago, the lead single “Not So Bad” from her upcoming new album If You’re Dreaming is quite different while elevating her signature voice to a higher plane. The differences between the escapist pop of the new song and the straight ahead indie rock of Quit the Curse are obvious here but not oblivious as Burch finds a new way to draw our attention.

The overall tone here is on a grander scale. The arrangements are more lush while holding some of the indie rock notes together. What’s different is how the song has more instrumentation and a larger sound. Burch isn’t turning into a pop star by any means, but the fuller vocals and the shaped guitar gets met with more hooks in a way that pulls you in and never lets go. The video has a more retro feel, though it suits Burch perfectly. Like scenes from a film’s dreamscape, Burch dances and move inquisitively from beginning to end.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is available to stream on all streaming sites. If You’re Dreaming is ready for preorder in multiple bundles and in multiple formats directly from Polyvinyl Records before its April 03 release. Anna Burch is on tour beginning March 14 at MOTR in Cincinnati, OH until May 23 at SWAMP in Freiburg, Germany. Her complete tour routing can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Chloe Sells.

David Garrick

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