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Twin Peaks Release Two New Songs From Upcoming Seven Inch


It seems like the gentlemen of Twin Peaks aren’t slowing down anytime soon. With their latest album Lookout Low receiving plenty of acclaim, and most of their tour dates selling out, they actually have two new songs out. While the physical seven inch won’t come until February, the songs can both be streamed here with these comical lyric videos in karaoke style. Both “Cawfee” and “St. Vulgar St.” are definitely catchy, and sales from the band’s web store of the seven inch will go to combat Australian bush fires as well.

With “Cawfee,” the band doesn’t hesitate in going in from the jump. The Americana tinged track has plenty of Southern charm that peppers the song alongside group vocals. What transpires is a song that’s full of good times, best enjoyed with friends over a beer in the early evening.

“St. Vulgar St.” has more of a melodic opening before travelling down a rabbit hole of tones and notes. The track shows the band going deeper into melody without compromise. Again group vocals get employed in the chorus, but the song is definitely a rager for anytime it gets played.

Both songs can be streamed on all streaming sites. The seven inch can be preordered from the Twin Peaks web store with all proceeds going to WIRES. Lookout Low is available to purchase directly from Grand Jury Music. Twin Peaks are on tour again starting February 10 in Brussels, BE at Ancienne Belgique until March 14 in Grand Rapids, MI at Elevation. Their complete tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Cooper Fox.



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