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Holy Fuck Drop New Album Steeped in Nineties Dance Bliss


When Toronto’s Holy Fuck came into our view, there was really nothing or no one else like them. That was fifteen years ago. Since then the band has appeared on multiple labels while watching their original form get copped by tons of artists. Now with their new album Deleter, the band reinvents what they do on their own terms, and gives us more reasons to stay a fan of their sound.

It should be noted that even while the album is leveled in nineties dance tones, the craft is still there. The opening track “Luxe” has all of the tones that modular synths bring to the table. The way the track builds before the beat comes in and sucks you in is masterful. Rather than go fro the drop, the band builds with arpeggiated notes and vintage synthesizers tones. This occurs throughout the album, lush with sounds that grace all the eras of electronica before it was just a guy in front of a laptop.

While tracks like “Endless” and “Moment” work heavily off of building you to explosion, that’s not the crux of the album. Songs like “No Error” and “San Sebastian” get to their points rather quickly without the guise of producers marveling in their own abilities. This reinvention still holds all of the magic of what made you the band’s fan in the first place, while waxing a bit nostalgic at the same time. Our favorite of the release comes with “Near Mint.” The snappy prongs of sound, the bass working between extra instrumentation; it all sounds like a cacophony of sound that you can’t help but place on repeat or get down to.

Deleter is available to stream on all platforms or to purchase in all digital outlets. It’s also available on multiple formats directly from the band here. Holy Fuck is on tour beginning March 23 at Valley Bar in Phoenix, AZ until June 19 at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, Canada. Their complete tour schedule is located here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist Press.



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