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Arbor Labor Union Gets Gritty on New Single


Atlanta’s Arbor Labor Union has always followed their own path. That’s a sentiment found all over their intriguing music. Now with a new album New Petal Instants coming in February, the band just dropped a new single “Crushed By Fear Destroyer” that distances them further from the herd while tickling your senses in the process.

The song has plenty of garage rock tones that get it started. With rock structuring, the song takes twists and turns as it plays out. Full of gritty tone, the song has that “recorded live” feel making it have more authenticity. The way it ticks up and it sounds like you’re there as it’s getting recorded adds to the guise that the band is all about being genuine.

The song can be streamed above. New Petal Instants is available for preorder directly from Arrowhawk Records in multiple bundles and on multiple formats ahead of its February 07 release. Arbor Labor Union will appear at The Earl in Atlanta, GA on January 30. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Riot Act.



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