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WIRE Continues Evolving on Latest Full Length


Since Wire released Send in 2003, they seem to be hell bent on continuing their evolution in sound. The post-punk icons have never really stopped evolving, even in their earlier years. While the band’s first three albums are all considered the road map for post-punk music, they’ve not slowed the experimentation in their last fifteen plus years of existence. On their new album Mind Hive they keep those creative fires burning, mixing new sounds and techniques with elements of their classic sound to create another epic album.

While the opening track “Be Like Them” is a vastly different sound from the pioneers, the album finds its groove from “Cactused” on. Wire proves real fast that they can still mix things up while evoking hints at the sound they helped cultivate. While they go a bit more sunny on “Off The Beach,” the band still manages to keep their core tone intact.

In fact, that’s how the album plays out. Whether it be on a track like “Shadows” where the band toys with structure and synthesizers, it still has that Wire sheen to it. The band has never shied from heading into new territory, though they have an almost retrospection here with this song. Or if you take the neo-post new wave graces of “Oklahoma,” the band still takes us on a journey without losing what made them so intriguing from their early years. With that, the favorite here comes on “Hung” where the band creates a build that’s rife with tension. The song has all of the nods to experimenting that you want, without taking the craft too far down a rabbit hole. While Mind Hive is a new take on what the band has become known for, it still brings all of the intrigue that they’ve brought over the years.

Mind Hive is available physically directly from the band’s web store. It’s also available wherever you download music and it can be streamed on all streaming sites. Wire is on tour tonight at The Fleece in Bristol, UK until July 03 through 05 at Bol Festival in Moscow, Russia. Their complete tour schedule is accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by Fergus Kelly.

David Garrick

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