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With New Album Out Next Week, Shopping Drops New Single


London post-punk trio Shopping have no issues in mixing together multiple personalities and attitudes within their music. Something few bands can do with a great amount of success, for this band it feels like common nature. With a new album All Or Nothing coming next week, the three piece has just dropped a new single “For Your Pleasure” that shows how diverse they can get in such a short run time.

While the song is post-punk, there are nuances of neo-disco and new wave that find their way in here as well. Much like the attched video, there’s plenty of diversity here. Between the keys and the dual vocals the three piece sways between a snappy beat and a murky bass line to create a tone that’s catchy and dark at the same time. Almost like a dark wave song, the song falls all over the spectrum while still holding on to the band’s post-punk core.

“For Your Pleasure” is available to stream on all platforms and the video can be viewed above or on YouTube. All Or Nothing is ready for preorder directly from Fatcat Records ahead of its February 07 release. Shopping will be on tour starting February 07 at Rough Trade East in London, U.K. until May 21 at De Gudde Wellen in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The entire tour including dates throughout North America can be located here

Image Credits: Photo by Matt Draper.



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