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Bon Iver to Reissue Blood Bank


We think it’s fairly safe to state that Blood Bank by Bon Iver is one of the better EP’s of the 2000’s. Now after multiple Grammy nominations, they’re ready to reissue the EP in late March. To celebrate the fact that it will be back in print, the anniversary edition will also feature some live versions of the songs from it.

The four song EP will have the original tracks on side A and live versions in the same order on side B. The B-side has recordings of those tracks from all over the globe, from festival sets and regular tour sets. There’s also new artwork and a narrative essay from Ryan Matteson.

The live version of “Blood Bank” is available to hear above or on YouTube. The Blood Bank EP 10th Anniversary edition is available for preorder on red vinyl directly from Jagjaguwar ahead of its March 27 release. Bon Iver is on tour beginning March 06 in Phoenix, AZ at M3F Fest until November 15 in Paris, France at Zenith Paris. His complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Graham Tolbert & Crystal Quinn.



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