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Orville Peck Swoons on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Side the release of his album Pony, Orville Peck has had quite the rise. Selling out pretty much wherever he performs, the album and the shows are both full of emotion and beautiful sounds. Ahead of a new run of dates, Peck stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! for his network television debut. Don’t be shocked, but his performance of “Dead of Night” is as glorious as you’d expect.


There’s a beautiful loo to the performance through the use of light or at times, the lack of it. Peck adds depth with his beautiful crooning as he sings to the audience, while the band steps in and adds backing vocals. It all works while the masked singer slowly draws in anyone who sees the video. Peck is blowing up and the fact that he can capture and hold your attention with such a graceful tune, speaks volumes to his prowess.

Pony can be purchased physically directly from Sub Pop records. It’s also ready to stream on all streaming sites or to download from all digital music stores. Orville Peck is on tour beginning March 09 in Phoenix, AZ at The Van Buren until August 02 in Montreal, Canada at Osheaga Festival. His tour routing can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Carlos Santolalla.



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