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The Undercover Dream Lovers Drop Another Banger


When we first stumbled upon the dreamy sounds of electronic act The Undercover Dream Lovers, we were amazed at how groovy their sound was. There’s something about the infectious music the group makes that you can’t turn away from anything they release. Now with their new album It’s All In Your Head coming at the end of this month, they’ve just dropped a new single with “Chardonnay,” and it’s as groove heavy as anything else they’ve released prior.

Complete with funky notes and neo-disco pacing, the song immediately captures your attention. The mix between the beats, the throwback keys and the falsetto vocals all work in tandem to create a sound that’s as chill as it is banging. Once you add the bass line and the swirls of guitar, you have a song that you won’t soon forget. The video captures time in the desert, matching well with the airy tone of the song.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. It’s All In Your Head can be preordered directly from the band on a red vinyl colorway ahead of its February 28 release. The Undercover Dream Lovers are set to appear February 28 at Lodge Room in Highland Park, CA.

Image Credits: Photo by Rivka Rose.



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