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Green Day Drops Formulaic & Boring New Album


The rule of music is that if you’re around long enough, you can see yourself go from hero to villain. For the bands that have longevity, plenty have made albums that were forgettable. The years of Green Day being a spunky pop punk band are long gone, but even after the band went for a more mainstream sound, we were treated to gems like American Idiot and Warning. But on their new album Father of All…, the East Bay band sounds closer to an early 2000’s iPod ad than a band that’s had the amount of success they’ve earned. In ten songs and a short run time, Green Day reminds us that a good band can still give us garbage every now and again.

To be fair, the stage was set for this to occur. It’s a known fact that Green Day is a cash cow band for the major label industry. And, the record isn’t garbage but it’s also not memorable in any way. So much so that it’s not enough to say it’s bad. Sure, it doesn’t sound anything like old Green Day, but it also doesn’t sound like what old punks think “the kids” will like. It’s as if Green Day has been in big homes and nice cars too long to remember how to put just a touch of feeling in their music. The songs that have a trickle of emotion come on “Father of All…” and on “Take the Money and Crawl.” And even then, those songs could come on while you’re buying bananas at Target and you’d forget them as soon as you heard them.

The album is misguided at best. The songs fall somewhere between doo wop rock from the fifties and pop where the producers felt like hand claps and reworked vocals were what people would want. The whole album just feels like it was either done by committee or with a formula, both of which lead to a boring set of songs that might work well on a massive stadium tour with Weezer, but aren’t good enough to crap on in an album review. In a lot of ways, the whole release feels like an obligation to a recording contract rather than a collection of songs that hold any meaning. What will be memorable is how many bad reviews the record should receive.

The album is available in multiple bundles and formats directly from Warner Records. It can be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital music stores. Green Day is on tour starting March 08 in Singapore at Singapore Indoor Stadium until November 22 in Auckland, NZ at MT Smart Stadium. Their complete tour routing is located here

Image Credits: Pamela Littky.



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