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King Krule Reveals Second Single Off Upcoming Album


It’s fairly official that King Krule is a big deal. His kind of “I don’t care” vibe mixed with his chill hip hop demeanor only escalate his lo-fi sound. With a primarily sold out tour coming as well as a new album Man Alive! due in a couple of weeks, he’s dropped a new song and video for “Alone, Omen 3.” What you get is his mix of downplayed seriousness and slump shouldered rhymes to create a sound that gives a better idea of what the new full length will be.

The track opens with a beat, a phone ringing and a down tuned guitar before Krule comes in and starts dropping rhymes. The mix of lo-fi blues and hip hop here shows that Krule has set his own lane that he thrives in. Chill and unassuming, the song works in true form without coming off as dissonant. The video has Krule all over the map. Standing in a crowd, standing alone or just chilling with a guy wearing giant prosthetic ears. Between a suited Krule in a room of mirrors and imagery that offers an inward feeling, the video matches the vibe of the song perfectly.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. Man Alive! is ready to be preordered directly from Matador Records on multiple formats ahead of its February 21 release. King Krule is on tour beginning March 03 at AB in Brussels, BE until April 25 at Webster Hall in New York, NY. His complete tour schedule can be viewed here

Image Credits: Video Still Courtesy of Matador Records.



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