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New Katie Gately Single is Swirling in Hypnotic Tones


When we discover new artists, we often find ourselves floored by how great they sound. While Katie Gately wasn’t on our radar until we got clued in, we find her sound to be a remarkable statement on individual creativity. With her new full length Loom set for release this Friday, she’s shared her newest single “Allay” and it is soaked with tones and plenty of swirls that make anyone who hears it a fan.

Because Gately’s vocals are high in the mix, it gives a dense and lush arrangement that sounds like a chorus. Almost as another instrument, the vocals fill your ears before these whispered vocals come in and begin to cut through the arrangements. With a stark drum and multiple vocals dancing around, the song slowly creeps into your head and doesn’t leave. There’s a delicate balance here between the stark tonal qualities and the melody that plays underneath. Gately is stretching out here like someone between worlds, and you get pulled into the spectral plane.

The song can be streamed above or on all streaming sites. Loom is available for preorder directly from Houndstooth before its February 14 release on multiple formats. Katie Gately will be on tour beginning February 29 in Maspeth, NY at Knockdown Center until April 04 in Paris, France at 142 Rue Montmartre. Her complete tour dates are available here

Image Credits: Photo by Steve Gullick.



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