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New Wrekmeister Harmonies Song is Lush with Sweeping Darkness


In our search for great and intriguing new sounds, sometimes we find music that’s as stirring as it is interesting. We’ve known about Chicago’s Wrekmeister Harmonies for a good while, but their new single “Midnight to Six” is about as engaging and harmonious as you’ll hear from such a band. Their Pastoral Doom sound with members of Xiu Xiu digs deep within and gears you up for their new album We Love To Look at the Carnage due in a couple of weeks.


The way the band mixes heavy vocal tones with stringed instruments causes a mystifying experience. The choral vocals here that intermingle with the dark notes makes for a stirring sound. The darkness underneath the track comes forth with time, but the arrangements alone make for a sound that’s on its own plane. There’s an unmentioned fatherly tone here that’s not overbearing but it is immense and brooding. In terms of what the band is known for versus what’s happening here, it all lines up while taking their intriguing sound to a new place.

The song can be streamed above or on Bandcamp. We Love To Look at the Carnage can be preordered directly from Thrill Jockey ahead of its February 21 release. Wrekmeister Harmonies is on tour starting March 25 in Paris, France at Espace B until April 15 in Kolin, Denmark at MTC Club. Their tour dates are located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Peter Shaw.



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