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Flat Worms Announce New Album & Drop Lead Single You Have To Hear


Somewhere on the harsher side of post punk resides the sound of Los Angeles trio Flat Worms. With a catalog that’s only grown over the years, the three piece just released a new single “Market Forces” that re-imagines the genre from their newly announced album Antarctica due in April.

There’s an abrasive side to the song, signalling a harsher tone to the band’s post punk vibe. Between the guitar and the drums, the bass gurgles in like a creature gasping for air at the bottom of a lake. The dead pan vocals fall in line with post punk you’re familiar with, but the distorted guitar squeals about before group vocals add weight to the song. It’s different but also hard not to listen to multiple times while the band takes the genre to a new place.

The song can be heard above or on Bandcamp. Antarctica can be preordered directly from God?/Drag City on multiple formats ahead of its April 10 release date. Flat Worms are on tour beginning April 30 in Oakland, CA at Crystal Cavern in Starline Social Club until June 12 in London, UK at The Garage. Their complete run of tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Owen Schmit.



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