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Adam Bricks Releases Unconventional Valentines Day Single


We’ve known for a while now that Texas’ Adam Bricks is a solid songwriter. With his last full length Relations, he proved that he was on another plane even in a space as large as the Lone Star state. Now Bricks is back with a break up song about the end of a relationship. What you’ll realize with “Funeral” is that Bricks only seems to get better and better as a songwriter.

Where Bricks shines is the space between arrangements and vocals. His straightforward vocal delivery places the words in your ears as if the song is a conversation. Though perfectly arranged, the strong suit here is how the hooks come naturally and not like they’re forced. The somber tone of the guitar, Brick’s voice as he charges into the opening verse, there’s plenty of heft. The weight of his voice backed by drums and a pedal steel pulls you close like he has a secret. The chorus rings true to anyone who’s experienced the end of a relationship, and keeps the song in your ears enough to place it on repeat when it finishes.

The song can be streamed wherever you stream music and it can be purchased wherever you download it. Adam Bricks does not have any tour dates at this time, but that will change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Jackson.

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