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The Slow Rush is Good But Not Groundbreaking


For a while now, Tame Impala fans will tell you how “great” the group is. The Australian band lead by Kevin Parker has always been impressive live, but the albums have always just been good, not great. In a world where Tame Impala is ready to shed their psych leanings for a broader sound, their new album The Slow Rush has almost no trace of their earlier sound, while steering closer to modern pop than anything revolutionary.

Keep in mind, that’s not a knock at the band or the album. But with all that the fans hype the music up, you may be expecting the world to reveal a pot of gold when the album plays. There are plenty of well crafted pop songs here, but keep in mind that this is pop music, not psych. While “One More Year” is carefully put together with plenty of vocal treatments and dance pop structures, it’s pure pop without any guise that it isn’t. The neo disco vibes of “Instant Destiny” have falsetto vocals that make the track stay with you, while “Posthumous Forgiveness” touches on slow core pop soul.

And while all the songs are catchy like “On Track” with its stark piano, or on “Lost in Yesterday” with its chill wave mixture of disco pop tones. The favored track here came on “One More Hour.” The most diverse of the album, the song sways between multiple tones while elevating what Parker does. The epic notes in the production mixed with moments of pure ecstasy take over the pop sheen for a moment and give way to a sound that feels like something familiar, but also close to pure songwriting without the guise of radio success. While keeping things catchy and expanding into a broader audience, The Slow Rush is good but doesn’t break into new territory either.

The Slow Rush can be purchased physically directly from Interscope Records. It’s ready to stream or purchase digitally from all digital providers. Tame Impala will be on tour March 09 in San Diego, CA at Pechanga Arena until August 07 in George, WA at Gorge Amphitheatre. Their complete tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Neil Krug.



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