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ARTHUR Announces New Album & Shares Lead Single


For a lot of artists, the second record can be daunting. Typically a larger budget and a tendency to shed whatever inspired them to become artists. With a sophomore album due in May, Philadelphia’s ARTHUR might not be an artist you’ve heard of before. However his new single “William Penn” may make you his fan and even convince you to preorder Hair of the Dog.

The song is sprinkled with sprite moments and jingled tones. The vocals are at the top of the mix and help move along the indie rock tones. The pop structure places it into your ears while the overall tone is fun and easy going. The video has a trippy power to it, as if crystals and batteries can take you to a spiritual place.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed on all platforms. Hair of the Dog is set to be released May 15 from Honeymoon. ARTHUR is on tour starting May 15 in Philadelphia, PA at First Unitarian Church until May 30 in San Francisco at Slim’s. His complete tour schedule is accessible here

Image Credits: Photo by Nick Pedro.



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