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You Need to Get to Know Dana Gavanski


Debut albums can always be a toss up. Many times an artist is mired in a sound that isn’t representative of who they are. While that could be the case with many new acts, the sounds of Serbian Canadian Dana Gavanski seem to be genuine and heartfelt. On her new single “Yesterday Is Gone” she pulls you closer and gives you a glimpse into her debut album Yesterday Is Gone due in late March.

The song has a nice sixties tinge to its sound. Bookmarked with folk pop tones, her voice comes across with the bounce of pop and the earnestness of a singer songwriter. The jazz touched notes that open the song are balanced by her airy and tender vocals. The song is catchy, but not in the traditional way. The arrangements here alone, coupled with the colorful video mean she’s an act to keep an eye on.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. Yesterday Is Gone is ready to be preordered directly from Ba Da Bing, Full Time Hobby or Flemish Eye before its March 27 release. Dana Gavanski is on tour starting tomorrow in London, UK at Emmanuel Centre until September 03 through 06 in Sixpenny Handley, UK at End of the Road Festival. Her complete tour routing can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Tess Roby.



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