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GRIMES Stuns on Miss Anthropocene


GRIMES has definitely made a case for an artist controlling how their songs get represented, even under the guise of a record label. With her new album Miss Anthropocene coming five years after Art Angels, we were curious as to what she’d deliver. What we’re getting is her most realized work to date. Mixing pop and dark electronica with ease, GRIMES proves that the best things come to those who wait.

The opening track is a great place to start. With so many directions coming on “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth,(Art Mix)” GRIMES brings pop to its knees with the heavily dark undertones that play out within. Her vocals have a minimalist touch while the music is laced with multiple notes proving that her arrangements are on another level. In fact, this is a factor throughout the release.

While tracks like “Delete Forever” and “New Gods” have those endearing pop tones that made the producer a household name, the bulk of the album is much darker. “Violence” featuring i_o has so much dark electronica mixed with house and at times techno underneath her vocals that she sounds like a completely different artist. “My Name Is Dark(Art Mix)” has all the trappings of pop in its pacing, yet the music is more brooding in the catchiest way possible. The screaming vocals make for a nice touch in taking the track to a heavier place.

But with the balance between pop and dark electronica, we were most enthralled with the song “IDORU.” There’s a lot to unpack here with the song gracing house beats under the vocals and a synth that sounds closest to a car horn. While things turn closer to pop, the song signals a new element in the artist’s production. Almost in a less is more move, the song is rife with instrumentation that plays well together without overloading your ears.

Miss Anthropocene is ready to purchase in multiple formats directly from 4AD Reacords. It can be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital outlets as well.

Image Credits: Photo by Eli Russell Linnetz.



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