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King Krule Gets More Introspective on Man Alive!


If you’re a fan of King Krule, then you also know him by his birth name Archy Marshall. The singer songwriter, who’s risen to fame in a quick manner has always seemed to echo whatever happens in his world through his music. While looking inward has always been echoed through down tempo riffs and hip hop beats, on his third and newest release Man Alive! everything feels a bit more personal this go around.

The album exists in a melancholy downturn, emblazoned with late night horns and lo-fi aesthetic. While this is not the case throughout, even the upbeat tracks have a sense of inner sadness to them. The opener “Cellular” skips along and steers from the darker side of things. However as up as it appears, the echoed vocals that wrangle between the beats and the murky bass still have hints of something sinister, or at least contemplative. With “Stoned Again” the song comes off as just that, and “The Dream” feels like the soundtrack to a mired existence.

But it’snot all down down down here either. “Supermarche” has these glimmering moments sandwiched between echoing vox and a distanced beat. “Airport Antenatal Airplane” contains snappy strides within the more lo-fi blues underpinnings. And “Underclass” has a sultry vibe that’s like slacker chillwave R&B. But of the fourteen tracks, our favorite came on “Please Complete Thee.” The utilization of hopeful vocals reaching out, the synths that steer the track along and the almost free prose vibes that the song lends itself to are on another level. There’s a lot of depth here, not all categorized into words. While we’ve become used to Marshall extending his inner tone, there’s still plenty of light at the end of the tunnel and Man Alive! proves it.

Man Alive! can be purchased directly from Matador Records on multiple formats. You can also purchase it digitally in all outlets or stream it on all platforms. King Krule will be on tour in North America beginning April 02 in Dallas, TX at House of Blues until April 25 in New York, NY at Webster Hall. His complete tour schedule is available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Charlotte Pattmore.



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