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Dan Deacon Drops New Video for “Fell Into The Ocean”


The world that Dan Deacon creates is as mystifying as it is intriguing. With his new album Mystic Familiar, he’s given fans a release full of varying tones that create their own world. That trickles through on his new video for the song “Fell Into the Ocean.” The interactions within are just as mystifying as the music itself.

The video feels like it’s almost a manual on how to get through tough times. As different characters experience different tribulations, they get uplifting lyrics from Deacon himself. Off in the background, he watches them take the “advice” and sees what they do with it. The song, one of the more earthy songs of the album is full of space without feeling like it wastes any of it.

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. Mystic Familiar is available directly from Domino Records. It can also be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital outlets. Dan Deacon is on tour February 26 at The Southern in Charlottesville, VA until May 02 at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. His tour dates are all located here.

Image Credits: Photo by Frank Hamilton.



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