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Wasted Shirt Gets Wild on Fungus II


Sometimes when experimental acts form, the experiment goes awry. Sometimes if you’re lucky, the trails turn into something worth the time it takes to listen. For the side project Wasted Shirt featuring Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale, the latter is the case. On their new album Fungus II they take elements of noise, punk and deep diving to create an album as visceral as it is chaotic.


Considering what these two bring to the table, the album feels like a hearty jam between the two. The opening song “All is Lost” has all the trappings of what happens when the drummer for Lightning Bolt teams up with Segall. Both masters of the chaotic, the way the drums snap and pop while both scream before Segall squeals between thrash riffs and punk structure. The following songs take you further down the rabbit hole. “Zeppelin 5” has this QOTSA feel, where the amps will blow at any given moment. “Harsho”mixes multiple effects pedals and free jazz drums to craft a song that’s closer to garage punk than what you may expect.

But with all of this, there’s a shared understanding for getting weird. Songs like “Double the Dream” and “Fungus 2” have these bookmarked moments of controlled disarray. Through the haze of secondary moments, the songs feel like dreams that were once considered nightmares. Of the nine tracks within, the favorite came with “Eagle Slaughters Graduation.” The way the bass comes in to meet the quick and fearless drums creates an almost trash disco feel. The squealing guitar tones, the way the song steers like a car crash in slow motion is like nothing else.

Fungus II can be purchased physically from Famous Class. It can be streamed on all streaming sites. It can also be purchased in all digital store fronts. There are no scheduled dates for Wasted Shirt at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Scott Alario & Denee Segall.

David Garrick

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